Theodore Roosevelt, the Great War, and a Journey of Triumph and Tragedy

“Heart-breaking, thought provoking and gripping with a large measure of
wit, David Pietrusza’s new “TR’s Last War” transports us to those few
tragic years, 1916-1919,when America faced two visions of the future.
Woodrow Wilson’s oratorical Utopianism. Or Theodore Roosevelt’s Bully
Pulpit chauvinism. The outcome was a surprise.”
—Syndicated Radio Host John Batchelor—

“David Pietrusza has that rare gift of having history read like a novel.
The insults, the egos, the triumphs are all there
as we read about the most colorful of all presidents.”
—Author Michael Malice—
“Yet another outstanding work from an exceptionally talented author.
Best historical non-fiction of 2018 (so far!) [August 29, 2018] “. . .
One of Pietrusza’s many strengths as a writer is his ability to convey to the reader
a clear picture of his subject’s personality, making us feel as if we
have an understanding of who the complex and multifaceted Roosevelt really was,
as if we know TR intimately. His description of Roosevelt’s last days
and the detail of his suffering and incapacity is exceptionally set out.
Saving the best for last, the author concludes with a unique yet well-considered theory
about Roosevelt’s last days, one which Pietrusza acknowledges to be
nothing more than speculation, submitted for the reader to consider
and do with what he or she will. It is delicious food for thought
and is a fitting dessert to a delectable historical biography. “In light of
David Pietrusza’s past successes as an author writing about presidential history,
one wonders what he will do next and how he can possibly top (or even equal)
his previous work. That is something to wonder about in the context of his next book.
In TR’s Last War, he once again lives up to his literary gold standard of making
the history of past presidents come to life in a manner that engages and delights his readers.”

“penetrating . . .incisive . . . Pietrusza . . . firmly guides us through the ins
and outs of Roosevelt’s tightly woven rug of life
with impeccable sourcing . . .”

“absolutely terrific. All sorts of new info about Teddy Roosevelt and a
time in his life very few people know about. . . . I can’t recommend this
gem . . . enough. It’s absolutely wonderful.”
—Frank Morano (AM970, NYC)—

Winner of the 2019 Independent Publisher Book Awards
Silver Medal for US History.

Finalist, the Theodore Roosevelt Association Book Prize

Amazon: #1 New Release in WW1 Biographies

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