A Childhood Memory.  A Vanished World.

Honored as among the “11 Best Polish Biography Books of All Time” (No. 3) by 

“poignant and fascinating”
—The Schenectady Gazette—

“A literary masterpiece which reminds us of a time when people listened civilly to one another
and learned valuable lessons from each other.”
—Author Edward Lee (past president, South Carolina Historical Association)—

“terrific . . . I found myself . . . laughing out loud numerous times . . . amazingly good . . .”
—Matt Lewis, Sr. Columnist, The Daily Beast; Political Commentator, CNN—

“polished and gently humored . . .
a graceful blending of personal insights with historical content . . .
The author’s voice as a professional historian is memorable and accessible.”
—BookLife Prize—

“a colorful, poignant memoir of a time and place as much as it is a man’s life. The
author shares anecdotes about immigration, culture, and community that will
inform, inspire, and entertain. For readers who like slice-of-life memoirs
. . . as rowdy as they are touching.”

“Delightful, sweet and funny.”
—Bob Bellafiore, Political Commentator;
Former Press Secretary, New York Governor George Pataki—

“What do you get when one of America’s greatest historians turns his sights on his own life story?
A time capsule of a country being lost, now captured forever via the matchless talents of David Pietrusza.”
—Podcaster and Best-selling Author Michael Malice— 

“Pick up the memoir from one of America’s great writers and historians! Dig into the past . . .”
—Author Bob Batchelor—

“a warm reminiscence of growing up in the 1950’s and ‘60’s”
—John Gizzi, Newsmax—

“a great book”
—Podcaster Avi Woolf—

“touching and informative”
—Author Jack Rightmyer—

“Without a doubt, David’s personal memoir is an absolute home run!!!
David remembers his growing up with both wonderful stories and great eloquence.
This is a must-read with the pure joy of a great storyteller demonstrated on every page.”
—John F. Rothmann, Talk Show Host on KGO 810 AM San Francisco—

“Very interesting book. Buy it. Read it.”
—Jim Cooke, Actor, Historic Character Interpreter (Calvin Coolidge, John Quincy Adams, Daniel Webster)

An Amazon Best-Seller in: Kindle Edition – Top #100 Best Seller List – Ethnic and National Biographies
Top #10 Best Seller in “New Releases in Ethnic & National Biographies”
Best Seller in “New Releases in Memoirs”

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