Too Long Ago

A Childhood Memory.  A Vanished World.

Honored as among the “11 Best Polish Biography Books of All Time” (No. 3) by 

“poignant and fascinating”
—The Schenectady Gazette—

“A literary masterpiece which reminds us of a time when people listened civilly to one another
and learned valuable lessons from each other.”
—Author Edward Lee (past president, South Carolina Historical Association)—

“terrific . . . I found myself . . . laughing out loud numerous times . . . amazingly good . . .”
—Matt Lewis, Sr. Columnist, The Daily Beast; Political Commentator, CNN—

“polished and gently humored . . .
a graceful blending of personal insights with historical content . . .
The author’s voice as a professional historian is memorable and accessible.”
—BookLife Prize—

“a colorful, poignant memoir of a time and place as much as it is a man’s life. The
author shares anecdotes about immigration, culture, and community that will
inform, inspire, and entertain. For readers who like slice-of-life memoirs
. . . as rowdy as they are touching.”

“Delightful, sweet and funny.”
—Bob Bellafiore, Political Commentator;
Former Press Secretary, New York Governor George Pataki—

“What do you get when one of America’s greatest historians turns his sights on his own life story? A time capsule of a country being lost, now captured forever via the matchless talents of David Pietrusza.”
—Podcaster and Best-selling Author Michael Malice

“Pick up the memoir from one of America’s great writers and historians! Dig into the past . . .”
—Author Bob Batchelor—

“a warm reminiscence of growing up in the 1950’s and ‘60’s”
—John Gizzi, Newsmax—

“touching and informative”
—Author Jack Rightmyer—

“Without a doubt, David’s personal memoir is an absolute home run!!!
David remembers his growing up with both wonderful stories and great eloquence.
This is a must-read with the pure joy of a great storyteller demonstrated on every page.”
—John F. Rothmann, Talk Show Host on KGO 810 AM San Francisco—

An Amazon Best-Seller in:
Kindle Edition – Top #100 Best Seller List – Ethnic and National Biographies
Top #10 Best Seller in “New Releases in Ethnic & National Biographies”
Best Seller in “New Releases in Memoirs”
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