The Life, Times, and Murder of the Criminal Genius
Who Fixed the 1919 World Series

—The New York Times—

“a morsel worth chewing over during the long, dark months
between seasons. . . . engaging . . .”
—Washington Post—

“Recommended reading”
—Bill Madden, New York Daily News—

“Impressively researched . . . staccato narrative . . . a breezy read.”
—New York Law Journal—

—Steve Wulf, ESPN—


“Strong investigative journalism . . . sweeps readers into the
seedy world of Tammany Hall politics, violent mobsters,
dirty cops and paid-off judges. . . .”
—Publishers Weekly—

“fresh perspectives . . . fascinating”
—Library Journal—

“Arnold Rothstein was the Thomas Edison of modern crime, inventing much of it and streamlining the
rest. Investment houses, credit-card issuers, and lottery hawkers have been enriched by his legacy.
David Pietrusza’s monumental biography of this evil genius is astonishingly detailed and grippingly
narrated; there’s a revelation in every chapter. Only Rothstein could have spun so tangled a web; only Pietrusza, seventy-five years after his subject’s death, could have set it straight.”
—John Thorn, sports historian and editor of Total Baseball—

“Rothstein is terrific, the real, inside story of our most fabled gangster. A compelling portrait of the man and his time.”
—Kevin Baker, author of “Dreamland”

—Eric Shawn, Fox News—

“In the words of Michael Stuhlberg, the actor who played him so superbly in Boardwalk Empire, put it, playing Arnold Rothstein was ‘like putting clothes on a ghost.’ David Pietrusza not only puts clothes on the grandfather of American organized crime but puts flesh on him and blood in his veins as well. One of the handful of great books on the history of the Mob.”
—Author Allen Barra—

—The Jewish Forward—

Finalist for the Edgar Award in Best Fact Crime

#1 Kindle Best Seller in Baseball History

#1 Best Seller Stockbrokers/US/corrupt practices

Top Ten Books Ranking in
Criminals, True Crime, and New York

Top Ten Kindle Best Selling Ranking in Criminals

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