Roosevelt Sweeps Nation

FDR’s 1936 Landslide and the Triumph of the Liberal Ideal

2022 Kirkus Prize Nominee

Nominee, The New Deal Book Award

Amazon #1 New Release in Campaigns & Elections

An Amazon "Hot New Release" in "Political Parties," "Elections," "US Presidents," and "Presidents & "Heads of State Biographies"

“A robust chronicle of Franklin Roosevelt’s quest to stay in the White House. . . . a brisk, spirited narrative, abundantly populated and bursting with anecdotes . . . A prodigiously researched and
exuberantly told political biography/history.”

Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review kirkus star)

“Pietrusza . . . makes the most of his engrossing tale. . . .  a lively story that is rife with
strong personalities and blood stirring incidents. . . . appealing.”

Library Journal

“a sweeping yet minutely detailed chronicle of FDR’s 1936 reelection campaign . . .
an exhaustive and expert chronicle of a critical American election.”

Publishers Weekly

“David Pietrusza’s Roosevelt Sweeps Nation combines penetrating research with good illustrative anecdotes
to bring the 1936 presidential election between FDR and Alf Landon into sharp focus.
A marvelous and important history. Highly recommended!”
Douglas Brinkley, professor of history at Rice University, Katherine Tsanoff Brown Chair in Humanities,
and author of 
Rightful Heritage: Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Land of America.

“David Pietrusza has done it again—another fascinating, easy-to-read book on a key moment in history. Franklin Roosevelt won a massive victory in 1936, cementing his New Deal permanently. Pietrusza brings FDR’s era to life and shows us how it happened.”
— Larry J. Sabato, Director of the University of Virginia Center for Politics

“The 1936 election was not just another FDR victory, but an important turning point in the nation’s history. The story David Pietrusza tells is riveting and the cast of characters is fascinating. Franklin Roosevelt was the most skillful American politician of the 20th century and this election was a decisive affirmation of his power and appeal.”
— Ron Faucheux, political analyst 

“Who could spin an interesting tale out of an election in which one candidate gets 62 percent of the vote and carries all but two states? David Pietrusza, the author of some of the best campaign books ever written, renders FDR’s 1936 landslide over Alf Landon into a page turner with an operatic cast of characters. Like his volumes on 1920, 1932, 1948, and 1960,
Pietrusza has produced another masterpiece.”
— John Bicknell, author of America 1844: Religious Fervor, Westward Expansion and the Presidential Election That
Transformed the Nation
 and Lincoln’s Pathfinder: John C. Fremont and the Violent Election of 1856

“If every historian researched as deeply and wrote as gleefully as David Pietrusza, what a wonderful world it would be! Roosevelt Sweeps Nation is a welcome reminder that politics has always been a dirty business, practiced by flawed (and often outrageously flawed) people, and that nothing in America today is ‘unprecedented’ — no matter what the pundits say.”
– Kathryn Smith, Author of The Gatekeeper: Missy LeHand, FDR, and the Untold Story
of the Partnership That Defined a Presidency

“With eye-popping detail and a breezy, relatable style, David Pietrusza sweeps through the political dynamics and quirky personalities pressing on FDR’s first re-election campaign in 1936. Roosevelt Sweeps the Nation shows that victory was no guarantee against the “isms” of socialism, fascism, and communism and the Great Depression’s devastation when the American people were still hungry for happier days. Pietrusza not only captures a pivotal campaign but he also captures an era.”
Jane Hampton Cook, author of The Burning of the White House 

“It is a testament to David Pietrusza’s mastery of storytelling–and his historian’s knack for finding all the good quotes–that the reader goes through Roosevelt Sweeps Nation wondering if FDR is going to pull off an election victory that happened almost a century ago. What seems in hindsight to have been inevitable was anything but at the time, and the forces against the New Deal ran the gamut from the rarefied to the ridiculous.”
 Michael Malice, author of The New Right, Dear Reader and The Anarchist Handbook

“… combines insightful analysis with a great deal of humor and wit, and an appealing style that will provide hours
of reading enjoyment. [Pietrusza] has hit another one out of the park. This promises to be one of
the best, if not the best history non-fiction work of 2022.”
– POTUSGeeks Blog

“David Pietrusza is my favorite historian, and Roosevelt Sweeps Nation is Pietrusza at his best. Nobody can tell a better story than Pietrusza, who always shows you there’s more to the story than you thought—that there is juicy stuff hidden in our history that nobody has bothered to suss out or that has long been forgotten. This is another page-turner you won’t want to put down. At a time when Americans can use a reprieve from today’s news, Roosevelt Sweeps Nation is just what the doctor ordered. And David Pietrusza is a national treasure.”
-Matt Lewis, Senior Columnist, The Daily Beast 

“Roosevelt crafted an election strategy so strong that it has defined national campaigns of both parties ever since. Now historian David Pietrusza brings the stunning 1936 Roosevelt Sweep to life, with timely lessons for our current  challenges.”
-Amity Shlaes, Author, Great Society.

“Many of us think we know the 1936 election. Not so! In this gripping, rip-roaring tale, David Pietrusza shows just how varied and deeply divisive was the Roosevelt-Landon race in all its demagogic, demographic diversity.  Readers will find the author’s portrayal of his characters, well-known ones like Father Charles Coughlin, Jesse Owens, William Randolph Hearst, and Alice Roosevelt Longworth—but also less familiar people like the feather-wielding asylum escapee, Frank ‘Woody’ Hockaday—to add hugely to our understanding of the time and its divisions over the nascent New Deal. In this exhaustive but always energizing treatment, the parallels with today’s polarizing politics, especially around issues related to race, elections, polling, the media, and the role of government, are all telling.  Those who think our time’s challenges are unprecedented
will find this deep dive a bracing corrective.”
 -Katherine A. S. Sibley, Professor of History and Director of American Studies, Saint Joseph’s University

Roosevelt Sweeps Nation is a remarkable book! David Pietrusza is America’s preeminent presidential historian, providing history lovers with a thoughtful, highly-entertaining portrait of Roosevelt’s thrilling 1936 campaign and victory. Readers will enjoy Pietrusza’s narrative and crisp, thoughtful writing style. He does what all great historians do—bring critical moments in history to life for a new generation of readers!”
Bob Batchelor, cultural historian and author of The Bourbon King: The Life
and Crimes of George Remus, Prohibition’s Evil Genius

“A superb addition to our understanding of presidential elections, written by one of our most gifted historians.”
-Prof. J. Edward Lee, Past President South Carolina Historical Association

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