Harry Truman’s Improbable Victory and the Year That Transformed America

“If you think [2012] is wild, this is really wild—Harry Truman and
Henry Wallace and Strom Thurmond and Tom Dewey.”
—Tom Brokaw—

“sweeping . . . compelling”
—Library Journal—

“‘1948’ offers rich detail on both the political tensions
and the character of the candidates.”
—The Wall Street Journal—

“David Pietrusza has written a vivid account of
President Truman’s unlikely comeback and ultimate victory in the presidential election
of 1948. Anyone with an interest in modern American politics or campaign strategy will
find many lessons and much enjoyment in this important book.”
—Senator Mitch McConnell—

“an outstanding job of describing the complicated political climate
of 1948 . . . by far the best yet about the fateful [1948] election.”
—The Minneapolis Star-Tribune—

“‘1948’ is the author’s third campaign book and, by a healthy stretch,
the best of the lot. . . . a treasure trove of historical minutiae.”
—Roll Call—

“brilliantly portrays …Truman’s successful efforts”
—David Mark, Sr. Editor, POLITICO—

“A terrific book . . . a must read.”
—Ron Faucheaux, editor-in-chief, Campaigns & Elections magazine—

Named by The Wall Street Journal as among the
“Five Best” Books on “Campaigns and Candidates. Amazon.com Best Seller List for:
Nonfiction: Government
History: Americas: United States: 20th Century
Social Sciences
Amazon.com UK Best Seller list for:
Elections & Referendums
Barnes & Noble Best Seller list for:
U. S. Government & Politics, 1945-1953
Books-a-Million Best Seller list for:
History: United States: 20th Century
Political Science: Political Process: Elections
Political Science: Government: Executive Branch

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