The Year of the Six Presidents

Rated as among the Five Best Books on Political Campaigns by The Wall Street Journal:
“broad, fluid brush strokes . . . a brisk narrative”

“I . . . liked [1920] a lot . . . a fine job in capturing the personalities of an
interesting cast of political characters and the era in which they lived.”
—President George W. Bush—
(View Letter from President George W. Bush)

“Loved it!”
—Senator Mitch McConnell—

“Fascinating and compelling. . . . Highly recommended.”
—Library Journal—

“The best presidential campaign book ever written.”
—Author John Bicknell—

“I just love 1920: The Year of Six Presidents . . .
It’s not historical fiction, but plain old history
that zips along like good fiction.”
—Author Jonah Goldberg—

“a very vivid portrait of each of these presidents.”
—Ann Compton, ABC News—

“everything a great narrative history should be”
— Author Elaine Weiss—

“an unbelievable book you should read”
—Glenn Beck—

“Even a reader familiar with American electoral history
will learn things from this lively history, and a reader unfamiliar
with the politics of the period will enjoy an engaging introduction
to an unusually complicated political cycle.”
—David Frum—

“David Pietrusza has a gift for making the past both real and dramatically gripping, and in
1920 he has an extraordinary cast of characters with which to work his magic. Imagine a
year when Herbert Hoover was a global hero, and FDR a callow bit player; when a
repudiated and physically broken president fantasized about vindication at the polls; and
millions of women casting their first votes helped elect Hollywood’s idea of a president, one
Warren Gamaliel Harding. Add those temperamental opposites Theodore Roosevelt and
Calvin Coolidge to the mix, and you have one helluva historical dinner party. An
unforgettable group portrait of America on the brink of modernity”
—Author Richard Norton Smith—

#1 Amazon Sales Ranking in Five Non-Fiction Categories

Named by Richard Norton Smith on C-SPAN as one of
his favorite presidential campaign books.

Honored among the “7 of My Favorite Historical Non-Fiction Books for
Quarantined Reading”—Author Trevin Wax, The Gospel Coalition

Primary Reading for the University Scholastic League (UIL) Social Studies Topic for 2014-2015:
United States Political History: The Executive Branch

Named as one of top five “Best Books About Elections” by cheatsheet.com

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