Secrets of New York:
Prohibition and the Mob
Part 2
Original Airdate:
Tuesday, August 2, 2011
Crime. On the surface the best speakeasies, like the 21 Club, glittered
with patrons willing to pay as much for a night out as the average
American earned in a year.

Kelly travels through the 21 Club’s secret vault and onto the island of
Broad Channel in Queens. There houses built on pilings over the water
of Jamaica Bay still stand from the time when speedboats would load
illegal booze from the rum ships floating just outside international waters.

Plus we make the acquaintance of Arnold Rothstein, the Prohibition
-era gangster who met his end at a secret location we’ll get to visit.


Johnny "B" Barounis . . . Himself
Jerome Charny . . . Himself
Kelly Choi . . . Host
Vince Giardano . . . Himself
William Grimes . . . Himself
Sarah Henry . . . Herself
Bryan McGuire . . . Himself
David Pietrusza . . . Himself
Tom Repetto . . . Himself
Dan Tubridy . . . Himself

Executive Producer:
Diane Petake

Written, Produced and Directed by:
Dean Irwin

Sr. Producer:
Leslie D. Ferrell

Associate Producer and Archival Producer:
Chi-Young Park

Pre-Production Associate Producer:
Karen Johnson

Director of Photography:
Elliott Stern

Satoko Sugiyama

Kelly Choi's Wardrobe by:
Avolinad (Designer: Natalia Danilova)

Art Director:
Roland LeBreton

Audio Engineer:
Jenna Emens

Production Coordinators:
Michael McKenna
Wiener Milien

Field Sound Recordist:
Alex Marshall
Andy Galkin

Second Camera:
Tony Austin
Stan Niegowski
Edgar Velez

Graphic Artists:
Dmitriy Bushuev
Olga Kotova
Apolinar Langomas

Production Assistant:
Libby Segal

Engineering Production Assistants:
Gary "Red" Burrell
Edgar Velez

Shorn Joseph

Engineering Production Intern:
Gregory Brutus
Kelly Choi
David Pietrusza
Kelly Choi and David Pietrusza
Vince Giardano and the Nighthawks