David Pietrusza on
Brian Lamb and David Pietrusza
David Pietrusza on C-SPAN's BookTV (After Words)
Ann Compton and David Pietrusza on After Words
With Susan Swain on C-SPAN's
"The Contenders: Charles Evans Hughes"
"The Contenders: Charles Evans Hughes"
David Pietrusza on the 2012 State of the Union Address
Commenting on the "State of the Nation" Address
"The Contenders: Al Smith"
David Pietrusza at the JFK Library Ocober 2010
At the JFK Presidential Library
Amity Shlaes and David Pietrusza
With Peter Slen on "In Depth"
On C-SPAN BookTV's "In Depth"
David Pietrusza,  author
David Pietrusza,  author
Susan Swain, David Pietrusza, and Katherine Sibley
David Pietrusza, and Katherine Sibley
David Pietrusza, & Katherine Sibley
Susan Swain, David Pietrusza, & Katherine Sibley