Glenn Beck Show
November 22, 2011

Glenn Beck discusses George
Washington and Glenn's best-selling
book "Being George Washington" with
Kevin Balfe, David Pietrusza, James D.
Best, and Dr. Peter Lillback.
Peter Lillback, Kevin Balfe, David Pietrusza, James Best, Glenn Beck
Inset 1: Glenn Beck, David Pietrusza, James Best; Inset 2: Glenn Beck
Kevin Balfe, Peter Lillback, David Pietrusza, James Best, Glenn Beck
Synopsis of the Book

This is the amazing true story of a real-life superhero who wore no
cape and possessed no special powers—yet changed the world
forever. It’s a story about a man whose life reads as if it were torn
from the pages of an action novel: Bullet holes through his
clothing. Horses shot out from under him. Unimaginable hardship.
Disease. Heroism. Spies and double-agents. And, of course, the
unmistakable hand of Divine Providence that guided it all.

Being George Washington is a whole new way to look at history.
You won’t simply read about the awful winter spent at Valley
Forge—you’ll live it right alongside Washington. You’ll be on the
boat with him crossing the Delaware, in the trenches with him at
Yorktown, and standing next to him at the Constitutional
Convention as a new republic is finally born.

Through these stories you’ll not only learn our real history (and
how it applies to today), you’ll also see how the media and others
have distorted our view of it. It’s ironic that the best-known fact
about George Washington—that he chopped down a cherry tree—
is a complete lie. It’s even more ironic when you consider that a lie
was thought necessary to prove he could not tell one.

For all of his heroism and triumphs, Washington’s single greatest
accomplishment was the man he created in the process:
courageous and flawed.

It’s those flaws that should give us hope for today. After all, if
Washington had been perfect, then there would be no way to build
another one. That’s why this book is not just about being George
Washington in 1776, it’s about the struggle to be him every single
day of our lives. Understanding the way he turned himself from an
uneducated farmer into the Indispensable (yet imperfect) Man, is
the only way to build a new generation of George Washingtons
that can take on the extraordinary challenges that America is once
again facing.

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From David Pietrusza