Baseball Articles
by David Pietrusza
David Pietrusza
Grace Coolidge: First Lady of Baseball
The biggest fan in White House history wasn't a President but
a First Lady.

Eddie McDonald: The Real Ironweed
Edward McDonaldPulitzer Prize-winning novelist William
Kennedy's uncle
and the model for Ironweed's Francis Phelan

Ban Takes Manhattan
An excerpt from Major Leagues: The Formation, Sometimes
Absorption and Mostly Inevitable Demise of 18 Professional Baseball
Organizations, 1871 to Present

Stan the Man and the Question of Fame

Boston Braves Finale

The Babe: Historical Inaccuracies in the 1995 John
Goodman Film

Ron Shelton: A Meeting with the Filmmaker

He Gave His Body for the Phillies
The story of catcher Stan Lopata