About . . .
David Pietrusza
Best selling author
has been called "legendary," a "scholar, author, editor, and
renaissance man" and "a 21st century Theodore White,"
and "one of the most accomplished historians in the U.S."

Newsmax says Pietrusza "knows all things New York."
Pietrusza has written or edited over three dozen books. His
Rothstein earned him an Edgar Award nomination. His 1932 won
nominations for the Kirkus Book Award and the ALA Notable Book
Kirkus Reviews honored his 1920 as one of its "Best Books
of 2007."

He has appeared on such media outlets as NPR, The Fox News
Channel, C-SPAN, C-SPAN BookTV, C-SPAN American History
TV, The History Channel, GBTV/The Blaze, Newsmax TV, ESPN,
ESPN Classic, and the Fox Sports Channel. He has served as
regular panelist on
FoxNews.com Live. He is featured on AMC's  
"Making of the Mob: New York."  

He has also served as a ghostwriter or "book doctor" for several
successful books, including various
New York Times bestsellers.   

He has appeared on numerous podcasts, including that of the
United States World War One Centennial Commission and
Roifield Brown's London-based "10 American President
Presidents" series (the
Franklin Delano Roosevelt episode).

As a noted presidential scholar, Pietrusza has been selected to
serve on the Siena College Research Institute (SRI) Survey of
United States Presidents, along with such historians as David
McCullough, Douglas Brinkley, Paul Johnson, William
Leuchtenberg, Ted Morgan, Thomas Fleming, Joseph Persico,
and Harold Holzer.

Additionally, he has also been selected to serve on the C-
SPAN/Siena College Study of The First Ladies of The United

Along with such notable historians as Richard Norton Smith,
Amity Shlaes, and Michael Kazin, he has been featured on C-
SPAN's "
The Contenders" series.

Along with Jonathan Alter, James Baker, H. W. Brands, Richard
Brookhiser, James Carville, Nancy Gibbs, David Greenberg,
Harold Holzer, Karen Hughes, Zachary Karabell, Charles
Lachman, Libby O'Connell, Barry Paris, David Pietrusza, Donald
Ritchie, Lynda Johnson Robb, Amity Shlaes, and Richard Norton
Smith, he has been featured on The History Channel's
Ultimate Guide to the Presidents" series.

His books have been utilized as texts at colleges such as George
Washington University, the City University of New York,  the
University at Buffalo, Baylor University, Bellevue College, the
University of Illinois, Baylor University, the University of San
Francisco, Portland State University, the University of Central
Florida, and Queensboro Community College. His web site has
been used as a teaching tool at Sacred Heart University.

Both his CASEY Award-winning Judge and Jury and his Edgar
Award finalist
Rothstein shattered conventional thinking and
accepted historical models.

"1920" has been part of the syllabus for the course "Congress,
The Presidency & 21st Century Media" offered by C-SPAN, The
Cable Center and the University of Denver. His talk on "Silent
Cal's Almanack" is included in the curriculum for the
Classroom initiative.

commentary is included as part of the Library of Congress'
National Registry regarding its recording of Harry S. Truman's
1948 acceptance speech.

Pietrusza has served as editor-in-chief of Total Sports Publishing
and as National
President of the Society for American Baseball
Research (SABR) as well as on the Board of Trustees of the
Calvin Coolidge Memorial Foundation (now the Calvin Coolidge
Presidential Foundation). He is currently a member of the National
Advisory Board of the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation.

His body of historical work had garnered media attention from
such diverse outlets as the
New York Times, The Wall Street
, Newsweek, US News & World Reports, The Washington
, Newsmax, NPR, C-SPAN BookTV, C-SPAN American
History TV, MSNBC, The Fox News Channel, GBTV, the Cox
News Service, Bloomberg Radio, the
New York Daily News,  the
New York Post, the Jerusalem Post, The New York Law Journal,
New York Sun, the Louisville Courier-Journal, the Denver
,  the Weekly Standard, the Washington Times, the Seattle
Times, The Nashville Tennessean, The Louisville Courier-
Journal, The Daily Caller, the Christian Science Monitor, Roll
Call, The Raleigh News & Observer,
and the Tucson Sun.

An internationally recognized expert on American presidential
elections, he has been interviewed by TIME,
The Christian
Science Monitor
, the Washington Examiner, Newsmax, Human
Events, the
Epoch Times, Le Figaro, Le Monde, Radio-France,
Radio-France International, Agence France Presse, Greece's To
Vima, and Denmark's Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten.

Pietrusza is the Recipient of the 2011 Excellence in Arts &
Letters Award of the Alumni Association of the University at
Albany and a member of the initial induction class of the Greater
Amsterdam (NY) School District Hall of Fame.

In June 2012, in conjunction with historian and Calvin Coolidge
biographer Amity Shlaes, Pietrusza revealed new scholarship
casting serious doubt on  Coolidge's authorship of the famed
"Persistence" quote.

He  has extensive experience in website content development,
having worked on ATT's Interchange system, helped develop the
www.totalbaseball.com site (called by Wired Magazine one of
the 100 best web sites of all time) and totalbaseballdaily.com,
and served as webmaster for several sites including that of the  
Society for American Baseball Research.

Pietrusza holds both bachelor's and master's degrees in history
from the University at Albany and has served on the
(NY) City Council. He lives in upstate New York.

He has served as a presidential debate and election analyst on
WRGB-TV (Albany-Schenectady-Troy, NY).

"a really, really smart guy."
  • Glenn Beck

"I am a big fan of David Pietrusza"
  • Jonah Goldberg

“David Pietrusza has a gift for making the past both real and
dramatically gripping.”
  • Richard Norton Smith

"an authority on the 1920s and [Calvin] Coolidge . . . David
Pietrusza has brought Coolidge back to life with his volumes
the president . . ."
  • Amity Shlaes

"a brilliant historian with a great instinct for the odd characters
underappreciated by others . . ."
  • Ben Domenech, The American Spectator

"one of the great political historians of all time . . . absolutely a
brilliant writer."
  • John Rothmann, KGO-AM (SF)

"Pietrusza is a very gifted writer with a marvelous eye for
  • David Frum

"he's so smart."
  • Kimberly Guilfoyle, Fox News

"David Pietrusza isn't just one of the best historians writing these
days, he's one of the best storytellers . . . By weaving political
and historical crosscurrents that force the reader to juxtapose
characters and otherwise abstract ideas, David Pietrusza has
mastered the art of storytelling."
  • Matt K. Lewis, columnist The Daily Beast

"a pleasure to speak to and incredibly knowledgeable."
  • Katherine Wu, The Smithsonian Magazine

"when historian David Pietrusza puts out a new book, I can’t wait
to read it.  He is the master of the genre dealing with epic battles
for the White House."
  • David R. Stokes, townhall.com

"one of the most fascinating and authoritative people around"
  • Frank Vernuccio, co-host "The Vernuccio-Nowak Report"

"a great historian . . . I highly recommend his books"
  • Kirby Wilbur, KVI (Seattle)

"a vivid writer"
  • John Bicknell, Roll Call

"His books, while historical, are to me as Ronald Reagan once
said, 'unputdownable.' They read like novels. If our history
students in high school and college they might learn a thing or
two about history and enjoy it in the process."
  • Rob Taub, WOR (NYC)

"a great historian"
  • Peter Boyles, KHOW (Denver)

"the Theodore White of our time"
  • Karl Helicher

"My go-to historian . . ."
  • Salena Zito, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

"one of my favorite historians and guests"
  • Dean Karayanis, The History Author Show

" . . . a storyteller's eye for characters and drama . . . "
  • January Magazine

" . . . an expert on New York history."
  • WCBS-TV's Dana Tyler

"a historian who has written eloquently about the most interesting
presidential races of the 20th century. . . . I suggest picking up
one of Pietrusza’s fine books."
  • Matt K. Lewis, The Daily Caller

"Pietrusza has a wonderful ability to transport the reader back to
the time of the events, and to infuse drama into events the
outcome of which is well known. I don't know how he does it."
  • Author Robert Spencer

"[Pietrusza] has a style of writing that very cinematic."
  • Bill Scher, author and Contributing Editor at Politico

"David Pietrusza writes history the way that novelists strive to
write fiction. Pietrusza takes a seminal event, introduces us to a
broad, fascinating cast of characters, and ties together numerous
stories filled with drama and even humor to create an exciting,
addictive tale. . . . I love the way David Pietrusza writes history . .
  • Anthony Bergen

"Winston Churchill once said that meeting Franklin Roosevelt
was a bit like popping your first bottle of champagne. Reading
David Pietrusza's a bit like that, too."
  • Goodreads reader "Blair"

“Pietrusza’s skills as a researcher and a teller of tales stands out.
His works are deeply written, informative . . . his works on these
topics have superseded all previous works, and I predict they will
stand the test of time.”
  • Richard Hamm, professor of  history and public policy at the
    University at Albany

"There are few if any historians who drop the research bucket
deeper in the well to bring the truth to the surface."
  • QuantCoach.com

"one of our favorite historians"
  • Brad Jackson, Coffee and Markets

"Love David Pietrusza. He is a wealth of information wrapped in
a wry sense of humor"
  • Allysen Efferson, former host of Coffee & Markets Podcast

"[Kenesaw] Landis' foremost biographer"
  • The Daily Beast

"one of the United States' best historians"
  • Reagan Smith, WFLA (Tampa)

"political readers on both the right and the left can enjoy his
factual and fast-paced works"
  • thesmirkingchimp.com

"a master at combining narrative and contemporary quotes."
  • Schenectady Daily Gazette

"a leading expert on political science and elections"
  • Brian Thomas, WKRC (Cincinnati, OH)

"His forte is political history and he's proved it time and again
with a series of masterfully written . . .chronicles that examine
some of the most significant elections in our country's history. He
combines superb skills as a researcher and his outstanding gift
for storytelling to make readers feel as if they are alive, right
smack in the middle of long ago events and election campaigns
that changed the course of America's history and the world's."
  • Author Mike Cinquanti

"Like the late, great 'radical historian' Howard Zinn on the left, the
conservative David Pietrusza is a historian whose writing should
appeal to readers on both sides of the political aisle. History
buffs and political junkies will enjoy his books that give
perspective to today’s political battles."
  • Ed Tant, onlineathens.com (Athens Banner-Herald)

"I love people who are excited about history, and it is so
incredibly obvious that [he is] doing what [he] love[s], and [he's]
making it interesting and fun. . . . I commend [him]."
  • Mandy Connell, WHAS (Louisville, KY)

"one of my favorite presidential historians"
  • Frank Morano (970TheAnswer, NYC)

"one of the America's greatest presidential historians"
  • The Vernucchio/Allison Report, WVOX (New Rochelle, NY)

"a prolific writer and a deep thinker"
  • Paul A. Ibbetson, KRMR (Hays, KS)

"I am big fan."
  • John Murphy, WAYY (Altoona, WI)

"[Pietrusza] has a wonderful ability to tell us something we don't
know, something interesting but outside of the mainstream of
  • Presidential History Geeks blog

"I'm substantially convinced at this point that noted presidential
historian David Pietrusza could re-write the telephone directory
and make it sound like an adventure novel."
  • Robert N. Going, author Honor Roll

"Pietrusza has a gift as a writer to actually bring the reader back
to the period about which he is writing.. . . a master story teller."
  • usahistorybooks.com

"They are light and breezy. He manages to find sympathetic
faces in largely unsympathetic crowds without whitewashing the
major players
and he manages to find major players
unsympathetic without mistaking them for interchangeable. He
could keep writing these for every American election as far as I'm
concerned, and I'd keep reading them."
  • Author Marissa Lingen

"one of the most accomplished historians in the United States."
  • Melody Burns, WGDJ (Albany, NY)

"an extraordinary researcher, writer and historian"
  • The Cooperstown (NY) Crier

"one of our favorite
if not our favoritehistorians on planet
  • Michael Koolidge, The Michael Koolidge Show

"He writes a great narrative that is really readable and
entertaining. . . . one of the better story-tellers that I have
encountered in my pursuit of history and what makes us the US."
  • Dennis L. Goshorn

"David Pietrusza is one of the greatest historians ever."
  • Amazon Reviewer Jordan Thompson

"superbly talented"
  • blogger Daniel Wright

"an exceptional authority on Coolidge"
  • Milton Valera, President, National Notaries Association

"A master of presidential history, Pietrusza gives away neither
left nor right-leaning biases . . ."
  • Boating Long Island

"Pietrusza . . . delightfully combines the personal, the social and
the political threads with heaping of humor."
  • blogger Jowana Bueser

"If you are interested in politics, history and/or baseball, I
encourage you to try a book by Pietrusza . . ."
  • Former Congressman Mark Souder, Fort Wayne News-

"Anything author Pietrusza writes about politics goes on my must-
read list."
  • Blogger Joseph Sherlock