David Pietrusza on . . .

"What a wonderful guest . . .He's absolutely the best. . . . There is no
doubt this guest makes [another] appearance next week."
Peter Boyles, KHOW, Denver

"I love people who are excited about history, and it is so incredibly
obvious that you are doing what you love, and you're making it
interesting and fun and not—I've had some great history teachers, but
we've all had "Bueller? Bueller?" We've all had that history teacher—so, I
commend you."
—Mandy Connell, WHAS, Louisville

"He's great."
—Tron Williams, KCMN, Colorado Springs

"one of our favoriteif not our favoritehistorians on planet Earth"
Michael Koolidge, The Michael Koolidge Show

"a tremendous hit here on the program"
—Paul A. Ibbetson, KRMR, Hays, KS

"one of the most fascinating and authoritative people around"
—Frank Vernuccio, The Vernuccio-Novak Report

"I'm a big fan."
—John Murphy, WAYY, Alttona, WI

"One presidential historian who deserves plenty of air time in the media
is David Pietrusza."
—Ed Tant, The Athens Banner-Herald

"When I'm talking to a historian like David Pietrusza I could talk forever"
—Dave Mallarkey, WISR, Butler, PA
David Pietrusza has appeared on these national radio outlets:

  • The Hugh Hewitt Show
  • The Lars Larson Show
  • The John Batchelor Show
  • The Rusty Humphries Show
  • Battle Line with Alan Nathan
  • Bloomberg Radio's Simply Put
  • National Public Radio's Only a Game (discussing banned baseball
    player Jimmy O'Connell and gambler Arnold Rothstein)
  • NPR's Talk of the Nation (discussing Cal Ripken Jr. and Arnold
  • SIRIUS XM Radio's "Make It Plain" with Mark Thompson
  • SIRIUS XM Radio's "Cam & Company"
  • ESPN-Radio's The V Show (with Bob Valvano)
  • Money Matters with Gary Goldberg
  • Ave Maria Radio's The Al Kresta Show
  • The Vernuccio-Novak Report
  • The Radio America Network's Talkin Baseball Show
  • The American Radio Network
  • The Empire State Network
  • The Radio One Network's As It Is
  • Larry Grossman's You Can Bet On It
  • The nationally syndicated The Law Show
  • The nationally syndicated The Book Show

He's also been interviewed on these international outlets:

  • The Voice of America
  • Radio-France
  • Radio France International

He has appeared on such local radio outlets as:

  • WYDE (Birmingham, AL)

  • KARN (Little Rock, AR)

  • KDVS (Davis (CA)
  • XTRA (Los Angeles/San Diego, CA)
  • KFMB (San Diego, CA)
  • KGO (San Francisco, CA)
  • KKZZ (Santa Paula [Ventura County], CA)

  • KAJX (Aspen, CO)
  • KCMN (Colorado Springs)
  • KFKA (Colorado Springs)
  • KHOW (Denver, CO)
  • WKOA (Denver, CO)

  • WELI (New Haven)

District of Columbia
  • WAVA (Washington, DC)

  • WOCA (Ocala, FL)
  • WDBO (Orlando, FL)
  • 740-The Team, (Orlando, FL)
  • WFLA (Tampa, FL)
  • WWPR (Tampa, FL)

  • WCGO (Chicago/Evanston)
  • WLBK (DeKalb, IL)
  • WRHL (Rochelle, IL)
  • WROK (Rockford, IL)

  • KLGA (Algona, IA)
  • WHO (Des Moines, IA)
  • KMA (Shenandoah IA)

  • KRMR (Hays, KS)
  • KSDB (Manhattan, KS)

  • WHAS (Louisville, KY)

  • WBZ (Boston, MA)
  • WDIS (Boston, MA)
  • WVBF (Taunton, MA)

  • WMKT (Charlevoix, MI)
  • WILS (Lansing, MI)
  • WJR (Detroit, MI)
  • WMUZ (Waterford, MI)

  • WCCO (Minneapolis, MN)
  • WJON (St. Cloud, MN)

  • KFRU (Columbia, MO)
  • KJSL (St. Louis, MO)
  • KMOX (St. Louis, MO)
  • KTRS (St. Louis, MO)
  • KLPW (St. Louis/Washington, MO)

  • KENO (Las Vegas, NV)

New Jersey
  • WHCY (Blairstown, NJ)
  • WIFI (Florence, NJ)
  • WSUS (Franklin, NJ)
  • WNNJ (Newton, NJ)

New York
  • WABY (Albany, NY)
  • WAMC (Albany, NY)
  • WDCD (Albany, NY)
  • WGNA (Albany, NY)
  • WKLI (Albany, NY)
  • WQBK (Albany, NY)
  • WROW (Albany, NY)
  • WCSS (Amsterdam, NY)
  • WVTL (Amsterdam, NY)
  • WBER (Buffalo, NY)
  • WENT (Gloversville, NY)
  • WKNY (Kingston, NY)
  • WVCR-FM (Loudonville, NY)
  • WVOX (New Rochelle, NY)
  • WNYC (NYC)
  • WNYM (NYC)
  • WOR (NYC)
  • WGY (Schenectady, NY)
  • WPTR (Schenectady, NY)
  • WVKZ (Schenectady, NY)
  • WUSB (Stony Brook, NY)
  • WSYR (Syracuse, NY)
  • WXTL (Syracuse, NY)
  • WIBX (Utica, NY)
  • The Northeast Public Radio Network


  • KPNW (Eugene, OR)

  • WISR (Butler, PA)
  • WDAD (Indiana, PA)
  • WIP (Philadelphia, PA)

  • KFXR (Dallas)

  • WDEV (Waterbury, VT)

  • WINA (Charlottesville, VA)
  • WSVA (Harrisonburg, VA)
  • WREL (Lexington, VA)
  • WHKT (Virginia Beach, VA)

  • KVI (Seattle)

West Virginia
  • WRVC (Huntington, WV)

  • WAYY (Altoona, WI)
  • WFAW (Fort Atkinson, WI)

  • KROE (Sheriden, WY)

  • The Fan-590 (Toronto, ON)
Download the mp3 File of John Rothman's Interview of David Pietrusza regarding 1920 on
KGO-AM, San Francisco
Download the mp3 file of John Rothmann's interview of David Pietrusza regarding 1948 on
KGO-AM, San Francisco.o