"God's Country"
with Ted Flint
A life-long capital region resident, Ted Flint has spent
30 years in radio broadcasting, including stints at
news-talk stations WGY and WROW.  He earned an
Associate’s Degree at Suffolk County Community
College and a one-year certificate from Adirondack
Community College, where he was named college
"Broadcaster of the Year." He is married to Natasha
and has three children, ages 8, 5, and 2.  Interests
include: politics, sports, and bass fishing. Ted loves
helping Natasha in the children's ministry at his
church, Whiteside Church in Cambridge, where, as
part of the church's music ministry, he sings and is in
the choir.

Ted's guests on "God's Country" have included:

  • Pro-life activist Ryan Bomberger
  • NYS Assemblyman Marc Butler
  • Commentator Ben Domenech
  • Author Burton Folsom
  • Rep. Chris Gibson (R-NY)
  • NewsMax correspondent John Gizzi
  • Author and syndicated columnist David
  • Author and NewsMax columnist James Hirsen
  • NYS Rifle & Pistol Association President Tom
  • Author Ed Klein
  • Former Congressman John LeBoutillier
  • The Daily Caller's Matt K. Lewis
  • Author and New York Post columnist Seth
  • Author George Marlin
  • Author Betsy McCaughey
  • Author Ashley McGuire
  • NYS Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin
  • Author George H. Nash
  • Author David Pietrusza
  • Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson
  • Author Lowell Ponte
  • Author Wayne Allen Root
  • Human Events Editor-at-Large Allan Ryskind
  • Eagle Forum President Phyllis Schlafly
  • Author and columnist Amity Shlaes
  • Middle Eastern expert Walid Shoebat
  • Author David R. Stokes
  • Author Ira Stoll
  • Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-NY)
  • Columnist and author Cal Thomas
  • Writer & Radio Host Frank Vernuccio
Ted Flint
96.7 FM
Albany, NY
6-7 pm