Critical Acclaim for . . .
Named by The Wall Street Journal as among the
"Five Best" Books on "Campaigns and Candidates.
Says Tom Brokaw: “If you think [2012] is wild, this is really wild—Harry Truman and
Henry Wallace and Strom Thurmond and Tom Dewey.”

Kirkus Reviews: “a coherent, compelling narrative . . . What the reader learns
here is that the long-term veneer that often sticks to political figures always clouds the
reality. And understanding what actually transpired is not only more important, but also
far more intriguing. A skillful, authoritative investigation into one of the most famous
presidential elections in U.S. history.”

Library Journal: “sweeping  . . . compelling”

The Wall Street Journal: "'1948' offers rich detail on both the political tensions
and the character of the candidates."

Senator Mitch McConnell: “David Pietrusza has written a vivid account of
President Truman’s unlikely comeback and ultimate victory in the presidential election
of 1948. Anyone with an interest in modern American politics or campaign strategy will
find many lessons and much enjoyment in this important book.”

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune: “an outstanding job of describing the
complicated political climate of 1948 . . . by far the best yet about the fateful [1948]

John Gizzi in Human Events: “Pietrusza breaths fresh life into “1948’ . . . fresh
insight and information . . . history that packs the wallops of today.”

The Washington Times: “brimming with fresh and detailed information . . .
contains more human-interest subplots than a Shakespeare play. It reads like a movie
thriller waiting to be filmed . . . ‘1948’ is scholarly history, entertaining drama and just a
fun read—not only for political junkies.”

Roll Call: “‘1948’ is the author’s third campaign book and, by a healthy stretch,
the best of the lot. . . . a treasure trove of historical minutiae.”

Jonathan Hunt of Fox News: “Fantastic”

Glenn Beck: “an amazing, amazing book—really, really good—well written and
full of stuff you're just not taught. . . . Fascinating . . . Pick it up now.”

Says author
Michael Malice: "I also love it when . . . when a nonfiction book reads like
a novel so there's this great book called
1948 . . . It's like "Veep". . . .it's really a great

The New York Journal of Books: "gripping detail . . . compelling"

John Rothmann, KGO (San Francisco): “A great book about American
politics . . . a must-read”

David Mark, Sr. Editor, POLITICO: "brilliantly portrays ...Truman’s successful

Ron Faucheaux, editor-in-chief, Campaigns & Elections magazine: "A
terrific book . . . a must read.”

Says legendary political strategist
Roger Stone: “A masterpiece!”

Says best-selling author
Robert Spencer: “magnificent, entertaining and informative.”

Congressman Artur Davis (D-AL): “a worthy successor to “1920: The Year of
the Six Presidents,” a superb recounting of a largely forgotten political season, and
“1960: JFK v. LBJ v. Nixon,” which manages to shed fresh details on that year’s epic.
Pietrusza opts for the brisk narrative/character sketch (think “The Making of the
President,” but with no pretense of grandeur), over the minute retelling of every seminal
event that weighs down Edmund Morris’ series on Teddy Roosevelt or John Milton
Cooper’s well regarded 2008 biography of Woodrow Wilson. It is less grand history
than a jaunty, essayist’s rendition—imminently readable and revealing.”

The Albany Times-Union: “lively . . . illuminating portraits of the four candidates,
but the even-handed appraisal of Truman is especially compelling. . . . The account of
the whistle-stop tour is gripping.”

Says “1948 is a grand slam! . . . easily the most thorough and
complete about that watershed election. . . . I’ve given this book a five star rating; it
actually deserves a rating of eight or nine on a five . . . Pietrusza tells this story of great
historical interest in an eminently readable form that borders on the style of an erudite
gossip columnist. It is both informative and fun to read at the same time. . . . the insight
into the social and cultural ethos of the day is at times startling.”

David R. Stokes, “masterful . . . compelling portraits of the people
who then occupied the country’s political stage.”

The Athens (GA) Banner-Herald: "a page turner."

The Bonney Lake-Sumner (WA) Courier-Herald: “well documented . . . fun to

Howard Megdal, Editor-in-Chief, The Perpetual Post: “Any political junkie
would be crazy not to pick up a copy of David Pietrusza’s 1948 . . .”

Akie Bermiss, The Perpetual Post: “Well informed, well-written, and thorough.”

The Long Island Business Press: “a fine narrative on how the accidental
president outfoxed the political establishment and won a stunning upset victory.”

Michael Koolidge, The Michael Koolidge Show: “absolutely fascinating . . .
another fascinating look at an absolutely fascinating election”

Mandy Connell, WHAS-AM, Louisville, KY: “pertinent to today”

The Missoula (MT) Missoulian: “a stirring, detailed retelling of that year’s
fabled campaign and its stunning outcome. . . . places the campaign into the broader
setting of a world in turmoil . . .”

Boating Long Island: "A master of presidential history, Pietrusza gives away
neither left nor right-leaning biases (he has also authored gems on Calvin Coolidge
and JFK). Here he examines one of the greatest upsets in U.S. presidential history
without drowning in mundane stats."

Dave Mallarkey, WISR, Butler, PA: "a tremendous book"

Says Blogger
Betsy Newmark ("Betsy's Page"): If you're interested in [the 1948]
campaign, I highly recommend David Pietrusza's excellent and fascinating history of
that campaign, 1948:Harry Truman's Improbable Victory and the Year that Transformed
America. I've read all his election year histories on the elections of 1920, 1932, and
1960 and so enjoyed them."

Jim Gallen, "We are taken into the strategy sessions, aboard
the campaign trains, into hearts of the crowds and the deepest valleys and up the
highest mountains. . . . always fresh and engaging."