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1932 Prohibition Party Platform


We, the representatives of the National Prohibition Party in National
Convention assembled at Indianapolis, July 6, 1932, devoutly recognize the
supreme authority and just government of Almighty God in the affairs of
men and nations and declare that, only by obedience to the principles
enunciated by the Prince of Peace, can our Country hope for deliverance
from the tribulations now upon us as a people or upon this basis we make
the following declarations:


The liquor traffic never willingly obeyed any restrictive measures before
prohibition, has not obeyed the law under prohibition, nor can it be
expected to obey any restrictive measures should the Eighteenth
Amendment be repealed or modified. The difficulty of enforcing any such
restrictive measures would be greater than that now experienced.

We unequivocally oppose the repeal or weakening of the Eighteenth
Amendment or of the laws enacted thereunder, and insist upon the
strengthening of such laws. Being unanimously agreed upon the principle,
having within our ranks no voter opposed thereto, this party if placed in
power by voters of like mind, can and will co-ordinate all the powers of
Government, Federal, State and local, strictly to enforce, by adequate and
unescapable punishment of all violators, this wise and beneficent law.
Concurrently with such enforcement activities a constructive and
comprehensive educational campaign will be conducted, stressing the evil
effects of alcoholic beverages.

We indict and condemn the Republican and Democratic parties for the
continued nullification of the Eighteenth Amendment and their present
determination to repeal that amendment on the excuse that it cannot be
enforced, and reiterate that adequate enforcement cannot be had from a
party dependent on pro-liquor votes for success at the polls.

Economic Relief

The country finds itself in the depths of the most severe depression in its
history. As a result of unemployment, the orgy of gambling on the stock
exchanges, bank failures and consequent loss of confidence, millions of
dollars have been withdrawn from banks and hoarded. The banks, in their
turn are hoarding untold millions in their vaults, refusing to lend even on
prime security. Thus a severe contraction of the currency actually in
circulation, and of credit based thereon, has taken place with the
consequent fall in prices and general business stagnation usually following
such contraction. To stop this contraction, now constantly growing greater,
and to restore the amount of money in actual circulation to normal
proportions, with consequent expansion of credit, we advocate the
purchase by the government of legally issued bonds of States and
subdivisions thereof, now unable to market same through banks and bank-
controlled agencies, to an amount sufficient to accomplish this purpose,
paying therefore by the issue of legal-tender treasury notes, directly to the
people through such States and subdivisions without the intermediary of
the banking system, such bonds to be gradually retired by repayment to the

Would Set Up Council.

To further restore and maintain normal prosperity, an economic council will
be created to be composed of the best and most sincere leaders in the
fields of economics, agriculture, labor, finance, commerce, and industry, for
the consideration and development of further measures such as:

  • Regulation of stock exchange and boards of trade;
  • Rehabilitation of wage schedules and hours of labor;
  • Revision of tariff schedules;
  • Revision of the banking system to assure safety of deposits;
  • Development of a comprehensive economic plan to stabilize industry;
  • Relief of the destitute and unfortunate;
  • Governmental unemployment and other insurance;
  • The revaluation of all utilities, transportation systems and basic
    industries in order to  disclose actual values so that earnings may be
    freed to pay a just schedule of  wages and increase employment;
  • Any other related measures designed to assure economic security.


We pledge an economical administration of government. Waste,
extravagance, duplication in public office, unnecessary commissions and
bureaus, padded payrolls and graft cost more than the amount required to
pay the soldiers' bonus and feed the poor. We condemn the plan of the old
political parties to raise revenue on beer, wine and whisky as being a
scheme to tax the poor and exempt the rich. Vast increase in revenue can
be obtained by compelling the payment of taxes on huge amounts of
property now escaping taxation.


To aid agriculture, we favor the principle of the equalization fee, or such
other measure as may be agreed upon by the leading farm organizations of
the United States.


We condemn the prodigal waste and criminal exploitation of the nation's
coal, timber, oil, water power and other natural resources by private
interests. All such remaining resources should be utilized and developed
under government control for the benefit of all the people.

Reform of Judicial Procedure

We pledge a comprehensive reform in judicial procedure to eliminate legal
technicalities and to secure speedy and substantial justice, and the
abolition of unjust injunctions.

Foreign Representatives

All representatives of the United States Government in foreign nations
should be required to observe the principles of the Eighteenth Amendment,
and we condemn the negligence of the present administration in not
requiring such observance. We also demand that representatives of foreign
nations in this country shall not be permitted liquor concessions denied to
American citizens.

Motion Pictures

We favor Federal control at the source of the output of the motion picture
industry to prevent the degrading influence of immoral pictures and
insidious propaganda connected therewith.

Unjust Ballot Laws

We denounce the enactment by the Republican and Democratic parties in
many States of unjust and discriminatory election laws that make it almost
impossible for minor parties to retain their place on the official ballot, or for
new parties to be formed.


We declare our abhorrence of war and favor continued efforts for peaceful
settlement of international differences, the reduction of military armaments
and the entrance of our country into the World Court.

Alien Representation

Representation in State and Federal legislative bodies should be based on
citizenship and not on population.

Free Institutions

We reiterate our position in favor of free speech and a free press.

Child Labor

We favor the abolition of all child labor in mills, factories, and other
industries, that their places may be taken by adult laborers.

Public Utilities

We favor the governmental ownership of all public utilities which can be
owned and operated by the Federal government, all proceeds above the
cost of operation to be applied to the support of the Federal government.


On these principles the national Prohibition party invites all those who favor
suppression of the liquor traffic, the enforcement of law, honesty and
efficiency in administration, and the building of a better citizenship to join
with us in a new political alignment to achieve these great objectives.