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Adopted by the National Convention, Omaha, Nebr., April
27, 1932


The fifth clause of Section 8 of Article I of the United States
Constitution provides:

    "The Congress shall have power to coin money, regulate
    the value thereof, and of foreign coin, and fix the standard
    of weights and measures."

"To coin money" means to print money for the use of the
Nation, states, counties, townships, cities, towns, villages,
school districts, and for the people, at cost of printing and
"Regulate the value thereof" means the Congress gives by an
act, authority and debt-paying power to foreign coin (money)
coming into the United States, the same as that which it
authorizes to be coined or printed. The United States Supreme
Court decided:

    "Congress is authorized to establish a national currency
    either in coin or paper and to make that currency lawful
    money for all purposes as regards a National government or
    private individuals."

Organize Banking and Currency System—(a) We demand
legislation to abolish the Federal Reserve Banking System
(Fiscal Agent of the United States), private ownership of the
United States Banking and Currency System, by repealing the
present unconstitutional banking laws on that subject, and then
placing them in the hands of the Communities, i.e., the Federal,
State, and local governmental bodies, so that the profits, if any,
shall accrue to the people's governments, thereby preventing
panics, depressions and crises, and private control of money.
Postal Savings Banks—(b) As a step to that goal, we demand a
law to authorize Postal Savings Banks in each post-office to
accept deposits and permit checking accounts without limit in
amount, make loans at uniform interest rate of 2 per cent per
Currency and Free Coinage of Silver—(c) We demand laws
providing for the issuance of sound money, full legal tender
currency, by the Federal government. And we favor the
opening of the mints to the free coinage of silver produced in
the United States at its present weight and fineness, but only as
coordinate money with that sound money currency, and not as
redeemable money. All such money to be redeemable in service
rendered by the government, and said money and credit based
on same to be properly regulated as to volume in circulation.
Payment of International Debts—(d) Germany should print 11
½ billions of full legal tender currency, pay it to discharge the
reparations due foreign nations that are indebted in like amount
to the United States, each nation making it full legal tender and
to tender such money in the United States in full payment of
their debts; the United States Congress shall then make it full
legal tender in the United States, and authorize the Secretary of
the Treasury to accept it in full payment of such foreign nation's
debts, place it in the Treasury and use it to pay, as they mature,
bonds, compensation certificates in full, Treasury deficits and
other indebtedness of the government. Additional issues of
international currency can be created by international
governmental agreement, free from control by or dictation from
the international bankers.
Guarantee to Farmers—(c) (1) We favor a Federal and State
government guarantee to the farmers of such prices for their
products as will return to them the average cost of production
plus a reasonable profit, which will give them a proper return
upon their investment as well as a reasonable living. As a step
to that goal, we favor the immediate enactment of a law based
on the principles of the Bill H. R. 7797, now before Congress,
the title of which reads: "A bill to abolish the Federal Farm
Board. To secure to the farmer a price for agricultural products,
at least equal to the cost of production thereof, and for other
Refinancing of Mortgages—(c) (2) For the benefit of farmers
and other real estate owners, we favor the immediate enactment
of a law based on the principles of the Bill S. F. 1197, now
before Congress, the title of which reads: "A bill to liquidate
and refinance agricultural indebtedness, and to encourage and
promote agriculture, commerce, and industry, by establishing an
efficient credit system, through which unjust and unequal
burdens placed upon agriculture, during the period of price
fixing and deflation, may be lightened by providing for the
liquidating and refinancing of farm mortgages, . . . and creating
a Board of Agriculture to supervise same."
(f) We demand Federal and State government guarantees to the
laborers of an opportunity to work at a living wage, or failing
which they shall be paid unemployment insurance benefits by a
Federal and State Unemployment Insurance
Limit Speculation—(g) We favor effective legislation to
prohibit gambling in securities or commodities.
Public Works Measures—(h) (1) We favor a three billion dollar
annual appropriation by the Federal government for a period of
five years if necessary, for the employment of labor on public
works over the entire United States, the money to be issued by
the government and paid for services rendered, but not to bear
interest, namely modern homes for workers, bridge and
highway construction, waterways, farm-
to-market roads, abolition of toll gates, grade crossings,
reforestation, rural school buildings, public grain elevators,
water power development, public buildings, recreation facilities,
including public parks, etc.
Local Improvements—(h) (2) That can be partially
accomplished by the communities depositing with the Federal
government their non-interest-bearing 25-year bonds as security
for an equal amount of legal tender Federal government money
which can be paid by such commodities to employ millions of
the unemployed on public works and improvements, to be
redeemed through taxation, 4 per cent of the principal annually
in accordance with H. R. 5857.
Redemption of Bonds—(i) Liberty bonds and all other Federal
government bond issues to be redeemed by the Federal
government legal tender currency within a period of five years
in equal annual proportions and  further Federal bond issues to
be prohibited by law.

We favor measures to accomplish the following:
(a) Temporary immediate aid to unemployed by Federal and
State appropriations until—
Unemployment Insurance—(b) An intermediate system of the
Unemployment Insurance is set in operation with funds to be
provided by (1) : Federal government, (2) State government, (3)
Employers, and (4) Employees, based on percentages of the pay
rolls, which system will remain in operation for ten to twenty
years or until permanent relief is attained by other means.
Cash Soldier Bonus—(c) The Federal government to issue two
and one-half billion dollars full legal tender Treasury
Notes, good for all debts, public and private, to pay the veterans
their unpaid balance of compensation already voted to them.
Old-Age Pensions— (d) A Federal and State system of indigent,
accident, sickness, maternity and old-age
pensions for the needy.
Moratorium—(e) A five-year moratorium on the foreclosure of
real estate mortgages, so worded that the debtor who
claims inability to pay will have his property rights properly,
protected. Federal land banks to refinance such small interest-
bearing debts as are required for the necessities of life of the
Flood Relief, Etc.—(f) A Federal commission to be created and
funds appropriated by Congress in advance, to take care of
sufferers from floods and other catastrophes, so that immediate
relief can be given without calling Congress to meet in special
Exclusion of Immigrants—(g) Total exclusion of all
immigrants until the period of unemployment has terminated.

Government Ownership—We demand public ownership of all
monopolies. I (a) The community to gradually assume
ownership and operation of:
(I) Railroads and other means of transportation,
telegraph, telephone and cable lines, all by the Federal
(II) Other public utilities, including power, light, heat and water,
by local or State authorities, or where necessary by the Federal
Provide Means to Distribute Profits and Surplus—(b) All other
producing, distributing and retailing business to be privately
owned and operated, but to pay all profits in excess of a certain
percentage, to be fixed by Congress, on invested capital, to the
government as taxes.
Patents—(c) The life of patents to be limited to ten years.
—(d) We favor the payment of a reasonable compensation for
all property taken by the government bodies.

We favor measures to accomplish the following:
Public Works and Six-Hour Day—Minimum Wage—(a) On
public works establish a six-hour day, and a minimum wage of
one dollar per hour for common labor, to be paid in full legal
tender money issued by Congress.
Construct Mississippi River Waterway—In order to control the
overflow of the Mississippi River and to furnish work for
unemployed, we favor the issuance of two billion dollars of full
legal tender money to be issued to construct a one mile wide
Mississippi channel from Cairo, Illinois, to the Gulf of Mexico,
with concrete highways the full length of the 600-mile course
on both sides of the waterway.
Reduce Working Hours—(b) Establish a reduced number of
working hours per day in private industry in order to
reduce unemployment.
Convict Labor—(c) Abolish exploitation of convict labor.
Stop Yellow-Dog Contracts—(d) No yellow-dog contract
shall be enforceable in the courts, Federal or State.
(f) Prohibit by law injunctions in labor disputes.

We favor measures to accomplish the following:

Higher Income Tax—(a) Increase income taxes on Incomes
over $10,000.
(b) Reduce all taxes. Balance the budget by paying all interest-
bearing debts with full legal tender currency. This will abolish
50 per cent of our present burdensome taxation. Repeal the
Garner-Hoover Sales Tax.
Higher Inheritance Tax—(c) Increase inheritance taxes in
higher brackets.
Abolish Tax Exemptions—(d) Abolish all tax exemptions on
property except homesteads up to the amount of $3,000.00, and
personal property up to the amount of $1,000.00.
(e) Prohibit the tax on labor to pay public debts and support war.

We favor the calling of a Constitutional Convention to act on
amendments as follows:
Lame Duck Congress—(a) Norris Act, abolishing lame duck
sessions of Congress, and President to take office in
January following election.
Election by Direct Vote—(b) Abolish the electoral
college and decide presidential elections by popular vote.
Elect Federal Judges—(c) All Federal judges to be elected by
popular vote for six years, on non-partizan ballot,
provide for recall.
Exclude Aliens—(d) The exclusion of all aliens in the
determination of the representation in Congress.
Child Labor—(c) Complete abolition of labor by child wage
Initiative, Referendum and Recall—
(f) Provide for a National Initiative and Referendum and Recall,
on any subject, including prohibition and the Eighteenth
(g) The establishment of a one-house legislative body in order
to fix responsibility of government.

In view of the present improbability of getting International
Agreement for several years to come, we favor the following
principles until International Agreements are reached, or
compelled by other circumstances, to bolish the tariffs and to
adopt a sound economic system, and to preserve r peace on
The Tariff—(a) (1) The gradual reduction of all tariffs by
International Agreement, except temporarily on those selected
commodities the United States prices of which will be
controlled and standardized as the result of the provisions of
Plank No. 1 (e).
(a) (2) Until such International Agreement is reached we favor
the maintenance of the present tariff rates until January 1, 1937,
except those which are now or may before that date be
fostering exorbitant profits.
(a) (3) If no International Agreement is reached before January
1, 1937, we favor thereafter the reduction of the United States
tariff rates then existing by 10 per cent per annum until January
1, 1944.
Tariff on Oil—(a) (4) We favor an immediate tariff duty on oil
and such other products as may be necessary to protect our
independent producers in the meantime.
Disarmament, Foreign Affairs and National Defense—(b) (1)
General disarmament by International Agreement.
League of Nations—(b) (2) United States shall not enter League
of Nations or World Court, nor shall it voluntarily cancel the
foreign intergovernmental debts.
Philippine Islands—(b) (3) Independence of the Philippine
Islands, to be accomplished within a period of ten years.
Air, Army and Navy—(b) (4) A Department of National
Defense under one head with three Assistant Secretaries: of Air,
Army and Navy.
(b) (5) Build up the Navy to the treaty limits immediately and
provide an adequate Army.

"We demand equality before the law, political and religious
freedom, and restore the economic rights of labor."
Workmen's Compensation Act—(a) Repeal the Federal
Employer's Liability Act provision which now disfranchises the
rights of railroad men by compelling them to prove negligence
where, under State Workmen's Acts, negligence is presumed.
Contempt of Court—(b) Permit trial by jury in all contempt
cases with right to change of venue in all courts, State or
Free Speech—(c) The full observance by Courts, police and
other government officers of the constitutional rights of free
speech, in schools and other public places, free press, freedom
of assembly, and impartial access to the use of movies and radio
by minority groups.
Abolish Third Degree—(d) The Courts should be prohibited
from receiving evidence unlawfully obtained whether by "third
degree" or unlawful search and seizure, or otherwise, or by
tapping of wires or other means of communication.
Outlaw Holding Companies—(e) Prohibit by law trust
companies, holding companies, corporation farms and chain
stores. Strict enforcement of the anti-trust law.
Abolish Bureaucracy—(f) The abolition of Government
Bureaus, Commissions, Committees, exercising legislative
or judicial powers of either Federal, State or local governments.
Prisoners Compensation—(g) All prisoners should be
compensated for their labor.
Treatment or Patients—(h) All United States hospitals shall
permit the patients the kind of treatment and the practitioners
the patients desire, whether they be allopathic, homeopathic,
osteopathic, Christian Science, chiropractic, or any other
Women's Equal Rights—We demand the repeal of all laws, that
deny to women equal rights and liberty to earn a living, freedom
of occupation, with the same opportunities for economic
advancement as offered to men; that marriage or sex shall not
exclude or discriminate against women in any occupation,
profession or employment; or likewise in the rates of pay, hours
of labor or working conditions, and that women shall enjoy
equal protection of the law.

Candidates' Oaths—All candidates for National Office, standing
on this platform and party, shall be sworn to before a Notary
Public in the presence of two members of the party, to support
this platform in every respect.