The Rise of Hitler and FDR—
Two Tales of Politics, Betrayal and Unlikely Destiny

"lively . . . wonderful . . . mesmerizing"
Kirkus (starred review)
From David
the award-winning
author of
1920: The Year of
the Six Presidents
David Pietrusza
From Lyons Press,
an imprint of Globe Pequot

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  • Cast of Characters
  • "A gentleman cast himself down fifteen stories"
  • "I won't be ready until 1932"
  • "Everything should be blown up"
  • "Miracle man, Washington, D. C."
  • "They will remain hanging until they stink"
  • "He has never consulted me about a damn thing"
  • "Are you frightened of me"
  • "I will take off my coat and vest"
  • "A poison-painted monkey on a stick"
  • "The half-witted yokels of the cow and cotton states"
  • "Dear old man . . . you must step aside"
  • "The nomination of this man Hoover is invalid"
  • "There was little opportunity for air-sickness"
  • "Dammit, Louis, I'm the nominee!"
  • "Anti-semitism may be a good starter . . ."
  • "Soup is cheaper than tear bombs"
  • "He doesn't need a head, his job is to be a hat"
  • "The sinister faculty of making men like bad government"
  • "The swine within themselves"
  • "Climb on the mule"
  • "Herr Hitler, I will shoot"
  • "We always call her 'Granny'"
  • "I saw Hitler cigarettes"
  • "Vote for Roosevelt and make it unanimous"
  • "A primitive and stupid woman"
  • "You felt that they would do anything"
  • "Somebody hurled a spittoon."